Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates 5/10/15kg+ 2.2M Barbell

Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates 5/10/15kg+ 2.2M Barbell

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Package Included:

2x5/10/15 Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates

1x 2.2M Barbell bar 


• This rubber filled weight plates are the same size in diameter, and the weight is determined by the thickness and perfect for power lifting and any type of workouts, everyday home and gym workout.
• The rubber coating are highly durable on the plates protects both the plate and your floor from accidental dropping.
• The stainless steel inserts fit tightly on all Olympic size barbells, created from 100% natural rubber, the VULCAN bumper plates are designed for low bounce and high durability.


• There are different weights for choose 5kg/10kg/15kg/ 20kg and 25 kg you can choose the weight that suitable for personal strength need.
• Features a 50mm Centre Hole (will fit 50mm diameter Olympic bars)
• Highly Durable Rubber designed
• Black Colour plates with grey text Writing


• Product size:
- 5kg: Diameter 500mm x Thickness 20mm
- 10kg:Dismeter 500mm x Thickness 45mm
- 15kg: Diameter 500mm x Thickness 60mm
- 20kg: Diameter 500mm x Thickness 80mm
- 25kg: Diameter 500mm x Thickness 90mm
• Material: Rubber
• Colour: Black


Olympic Bar

This Olympic Bars are constructed using reinforced carbon premium quality steel to provide the ultimate user experience, something those cheap knock

- They might look the same but never feel the same.

Each Bar comes with our highly rated commercial knurling that is famous for its exceptional grip and comfort feeling.

Sleeves are fitted with copper rings to provide a smooth rotation.

Maximum Capacity: 300 kg

Bar Bar dimensions: 1500/1800/2200 mm length x Ø50 mm sleeve diameter Handle diameter: Ø 25.4 mm End sleeves for Olympic size plates are Ø50mm (plate loading section)

Package included: 1pcs 1500mm or 1800mm or 2200mm Olympic Barbell and 2pcs Spring Collars

2.2M : ( 20KG ) Straight Bar Capacity 200kg